Q: Where is Hillhaven?

A: We 2.5 miles east of Grand Marais on the hillside of Highway 61 and half-way between the 112 and 113 mile markers. When you get to the driveway, you’ll see the Hillhaven sign.



Q:  There are 2 floors so which door do I go in when I get there?

A: The doors are numbered 1 thru 4, starting with the first door you come to when you come up the driveway.  If you’re coming for a tour I will have told you which door to come to. If you’re coming to visit someone, they either live on the upper level or the lower. For the upper floor, you will drive up and around the back of the building and come in door #3. To visit a main level resident, please use door #2.

Q:  What is your admission criteria and procedure?

A: We’re very selective about who lives here because we also live here.  All potential residents are screened  by asking questions about their physical and mental function, whether they need help at night, would they harm anyone or themselves,  medical diagnoses, needs for assistance.  If I feel they are a good match and will be private pay, we move forward with getting more info, date for admission, choosing a room and furniture. If  a potential resident needs financial assistance, they are referred to the Cook County Health and Human Services for an intake and then we wait to see how that works out before proceeding with admission. Families usually assist with the logistics of moving the new resident into the building and getting them settled.  There is a checklist of items that are needed before the resident moves in and currently that list includes: History and physical within the past 30 days, a local MD, potential resident must visit Hillhaven before they decide to move here,  up-to-date advanced directives ( living will),   a charge account at their favorite pharmacy or other means of purchasing their meds easily.

Q: Is there any admission paperwork or a contract?

A: Yes.  Each resident has an admission contract outlining what each of us is responsible for. There’s also vulnerable adult info, HIPPA info, medication consents, mobility report, an individual abuse prevention plan, a resident placement agreement,  contact info, and several more.  If at all possible, we like to do the intake paperwork before the resident moves in to make their first day less stressful.

Q: What other elder housing options are there in Cook County? Are you the only one?

A:  We have a Skilled Nursing Facility ( SNF /  nursing home) attached to the local hospital in Grand Marais if someone has more significant needs than we can handle.  There are several subsidized senior housing apartment options and 2 condo units for those with a higher income that wouldn’t qualify for subsidies.  All of these are located in Grand Marais. There are no other options in our county so the closest option would be 1 hour south in Silver Bay ( Vets Home and an assisted living facility).

Q: How are you licensed?

A: Hillhaven is licensed by  the Minnesota Department of Human Services as Adult Foster Care for Seniors 55+ .  When we purchased Hillhaven in 2004, it was Hillhaven Assisted Living. The laws changed 1/1/2007 and after that, we could no longer call ourselves assisted living unless we had a Housing With Services certificate also.  We attempted to do that in 2009 and were unable to find an RN that would take the on-call part of that certification. We also realized that we’d have to raise our prices considerably to cover the increased costs of the nursing layer of supervision. Because we have both a physical therapist and a chiropractor living here,  we have access to home care nursing thru our local home care agency, AND our local hospital is available to us by phone any time of the day or night, we feel we have very qualified health care professionals that can advise us if there’s an emergency.   For now, we’ll remain AFC  to keep things simple and less expensive.