“Living with you is better than anything I know of.”

W.C. Nelson


“My 94 year old dad moved in with me for 2 years after recovering from a hospitalization.  We did mostly fine together but I was almost afraid to spend too much time away running errands or being out for an evening with friends because his memory wasn’t the greatest. When he had his last rough spot and was hospitalized again, the MD told me he needed 24 hour supervision if he made it out of the hospital. He wouldn’t be able to live with me anymore.

I had toured Hillhaven already and had a good feeling about it and the owners.  Dad and I checked it out together and he liked it. He’s been there for several years now. He’s thriving and loves the food and attention they give him.  I have my life back and can travel, be spontaneous and more available to my grandchildren knowing he’s in very loving and capable hands.

I highly recommend Hillhaven as a very sweet, clean, scenic, affordable and fun place for elders to live and it’s right here in Cook County.”

Dick Nelson, Lutsen


“Hillhaven gives you peace of mind that your loved one is cared for even better than you could do yourself!  It’s like a wonderful Bed and Breakfast for your loved one who needs more care than you can give.   It’s safety in a peaceful setting  and the care you are searching for when your loved one can’t be on their own anymore.”

Beth Kennedy, Grand Marais


“The best word to describe Hillhaven is — it’s home.  But it isn’t just beautiful on the outside; it’s beautiful within.  What makes my dad dance, laugh and sing is the love indoors… the loving-kindness of all staff members. When your loved one is treated as a ‘treasure’, there are no upgrades one needs to make: it’s all there.

Becky Stoner lives and gives love, positivity and reassurance.   Loren is kind constancy as are Lisa and Tim Young.  It’s not an institution;  it’s a home.  My brother and I couldn’t be more thrilled, nor Willard’s grandchildren more blessed, than seeing a loved one thrive in each precious moment of the day.

Residents can exercise and watch the big lake, trim a Christmas tree, dye Easter eggs, walk outside, sit in the sun in warmer months, and enjoy excursions with family.  Hillhaven is a gift that lifts ; we are indebted to the phenomenal care our father receives. He’s happy. He’s home.

Connie Ahlberg, Burnsville


“I just don’t have to worry about my mom anymore!”



“We can travel and do what we want now that Dad is safe at Hillhaven.”



“My friends told me I’d like it here and they were right….”

Lorraine Carpenter


“We had heard good things about Hillhaven from our neighbors but knew that Mom would NEVER want to go anywhere but her own home or ours. When the time came for her to leave her home because she wasn’t safe there anymore  (leaving burners on, calling 911 to ask questions about the weather, leaving the ice cream out on the counter all day, locking herself out of the house often, etc) , we decided that she couldn’t stay there and we probably couldn’t manage her at our house either.  WE both work full time and she needed more supervision than we could provide.

We moved her to Hillhaven and she was SO angry with us that we didn’t know if she’d stay there or walk away.  Cook County has a program thru the Sheriff’s department called Project Lifesaver.  It has a GPS locator bracelet that can be used in case someone wanders away and needs to be found anywhere in our woodsy remote area.  We put one of these on her just in case, but after about a week, she figured out that she really liked it here, got to see us WAY more often, didn’t have to cook or do laundry and she had time to read, play around outside, socialize with the other residents, or just watch Lake Superior from her windows. We were able to remove the GPS.

Were we ever surprised and delighted with the outcomes!  We’ve been able to sell her home and take care of her estate easily.  The costs are less than half of what the nursing home  costs and she didn’t need that level of care.  Thank you Hillhaven!”




“I thought it would feel like jail but it really feels like I’m at home where I need to be.  My family made me come here to live but soon I realized it’s the best possible place for me to live right now. I’m grateful.”

Irene Leng


“Dad had been diagnosed early with a progressive type of dementia and didn’t live close enough for us to care for him. We were thrilled to be able to bring him to our community to live at Hillhaven.  We were kinda worried about how he’d adapt to it initially but he absolutely loved it!

He had wonderful stimulating new friends, could be outside every day and keep active helping with the yard activities,  vegetable and flower gardens there.  We got to see him whenever we wanted and took him on vacation with us, to Sunday dinner with our family , and loved the flexibility it gave us to continue with our lives knowing he was safe and happy and very close to us.  His nutrition instantly improved and so did his cognition.

We couldn’t have been more pleased with his care and found the cost to be very reasonable.  We feel it was the best deal on the North Shore and it was only a few miles from our house.”



“Mom was recovering from a very severe trauma that almost took her life. We wanted her to live with us during her recovery but our home was not accessible and we really had no room for her in our cabin so that was out of the question.  WE had no idea if she’d need more or less care as time progressed and had heard that Hillhaven might be a good place for her to live and recover.

Since Becky is a Physical Therapist, she was able to help with Mom’s recovery treatment.  Mom responded very well to therapy and also to their home cooked meals, lively staff and fun residents. To our amazement, within what we felt was a very short time, she felt strong and safe enough to return to her own home and live alone!  It was a success on all levels and we can’t say enough good things about Hillhaven and their wonderful staff.”



“I have worked at Hillhaven as a Hillhaven Helper for the past couple of years.  I love the family atmosphere and home environment there. With a small number of residents ( even when the house is filled to capacity), we know and cater to each person’s routine. This allows us to offer very individualized care.  The staff works together to utilize each of our particular strengths, to the benefit of the residents.

If my parents ever need assisted living or adult foster care, I hope that a place like Hillhaven is available for them.”

Tim Young LPN, Grand Marais



“I can do whatever I want.  No loud speakers or people or people coming into my room all the time. This is WAY better than the nursing home I was in.”



“I really like living at Hillhaven. They’re fun and kind and the food is homemade and yummy.  My linens are always clean, bathrooms are spotless and the other residents are good company when I want to visit with someone. Lisa does puzzles with me and the piano players are very fun.  The personal attention is amazing. I’m well cared for everyday”


“I love watching the birds and deer everyday.  Some days there are even fox and moose out in the yard! The hummingbird feeders are fun to watch in the summertime. The lake (Lake  Superior)  is also fascinating and we can use binoculars to watch the big ships go by.  We can hear the lake from here and can tell when a storm is coming because the lake will be angry and loud.”